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July 4-August 4 2016

July 4-August 4 2016

Sichuan University
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June 1-June 30 2016

June 1-June 30 2016

Xi'an Jiaotong University

LION History

    Dr. Gregory W. Slayton Home Institution: Dartmouth-Tuck School of Business, Harvard Business School, Stanford Courses Teaching in LION: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics The Honorable Gregory Winston Slayton is an American author, diplomat, professor, businessman and philanthropist and teaching in Dartmouth College, Harvard Business School and Stanford. As a diplomat, the Honorable Gregory W. Slayton has served as US Chief of Mission (aka Ambassador) to Bermuda for four years under both Bush and Obama an

    Dr.Tayyeb Shabbir Home Institution: University of Pennsylvania---Wharton School Courses Teaching in LION: Money and Banking Dr. Tayyeb Shabbir teaches both in University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School under the department of Finance and California State University under the department of Accounting & Finance. Dr. Shabbir is rewarded by the Economic Research Forum/World Bank Institute (2000) and the University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation (various years) for competitive research grants. Dr. Shabbir was the

    Dr. John Grant Home Institution: MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Courses Teaching In LION: Introduction to Finance, Entrepreneurship John Grant is a co-founder and Principal of the Catalyst Consulting Collaborative (C3), a network of senior strategy and business development professionals. John and his colleagues provide “principal-only” strategy, business development and strategic management consulting services to senior corporate management, new ventures, and private equity/venture capital fund mana

    Anthony Webster is a Lecturer in Finance at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, where he teaches Introduction to Accounting and Finance, Real Estate Finance, and Decision Models and Applications. He has also taught Decision Models in the Berkeley/Columbia University joint MBA program, as well as Business Finance and Statistics at Sichuan University in China.  Columbia’s students awarded Mr. Webster their highest accolade -- “Golden Nugget Professor” status &

    Dr. Janet Hale Home Institution: Texas State University  Courses Teaching in LION: Business Law, Communication and Public Speaking Dr. Janet Riola Hale teaches Business Law at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in the Department of Finance and Economics and at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Germany. With a Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s University, she focuses on commercial, international and sustainability laws at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her Ba

    Dr. Phil More Home Institution: University of Southern California Courses Teaching in LION: Business Statistics, Statistics Phil More is a professor at the Marshall School of Business and the MERIT Center in Engineering at the University of Southern California. He received his Ph.D. in business and engineering from the University of Washington and his undergraduate degree in psychology and mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has published three books on R&D management and organization d

    Dr. Arnold Rosoff:A full-time member of the University of Pennsylvania faculty since 1970, Arnold Rosoff is Professor of Legal Studies and Health Care Management at The Wharton School and a Senior Fellow of Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics and Penn’s

    Dr. Todd Fitch is a Lecturer in the Economic Analysis and Policy Group at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He is also an Assistant Professor and the graduate Practicum Director for the Master’s on Analytics program at the University of San Francisco. He has taught or c

    Ian Kelly – (University of South Carolina):Personally, I found the thing that was most impressive about the Lion International Summer School was the Ivy League professors that they had on staff and that all of the credits transferred back here to America . Overall I thought the program went very smooth, I enjoyed my time there and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Nate Brulport – (Purdue University):My summer with Lion was an incredible experience. I was able to travel and explore China, made some great friends, and took some of my required classes from some AWESOME Ivy League professors.  I had so much fun this past summer, If I wasn’t graduating this year, I would definitely go back again.

    Teresa Mandak – (Ohio State University):I really wanted to study abroad in China and the Lion Summer School was definitely a great choice! My classes weren’t easy, but I still had so much free time and had so much fun. I was able to travel and go out with some really awesome friends. If you’re looking to study abroad and have fun in China but still need to take some classes, the Lion Summer School is definitely the right choice!

    Ricky Duffield – (Miami University):My favorite part of the Lion International Summer School was just being immersed in the culture. There really is no better way to do it than to go experience China for yourself. When we weren’t in class learning we were going to the local restaraunts, clubs, interacting with Chinese people and just always having fun. On top of that, I made some really great friends and even though I was only there for a short time I’ll never forget the incred

    Hannah Thomas – (Miami University):When you're with Lion Education, you'll find they're really trustworthy and personable. They are great to work with to cultivate a fun and educational study abroad experience. My time abroad in China has fueled my passion for studying the Chinese culture and language. It has expanded my educational opportunities, and has increased my marketability to future employers. I couldn't have made a better decision.

    During this one-month program with LION, I've achieved a lot from those various courses given by top professors. Sometimes I had some difficulties dealing with problems on textbooks, but they were all smoothly solved through discussions with professors. See, Dr. Herron wrote the whole blackboard just to solve one of my problem! I really appreciate a lot, both professors and LION.

    We've had a wonderful time with LION this summer! Besides taking original American courses, we also communicated and talked a lot with professors as teaching assistants. We brought convenience for other students. Through daily cooperation with top professors, we've learned a lot from them and we all got recommendation letters in the end!


     Dr. Gregory Slayton - Dartmouth College - Macroeconomics

     Dr. John Grant - MIT - Money and Banking

     Dr. Michael Knight - University of Wisconsin Green Bay - Principles to Marketing

     Dr. John Hilton – Brigham Young University - Introduction to Philosophy

     Dr. Nora Martin - University of South Carolina - Introduction to Psychology

     Dr. Tayyeb Shabbir - University of Pennsylvania Wharton School - Money and Banking

     Dr. Arnold Rosoff - UPenn Wharton School - Business Law

     Dr. Suzanne Wright - Penn State University - Financial Accounting

     Dr. Todd Fitch - UC Berkeley - Microeconomics

    The US consular General to Chengdu, Dr Haymond, give LION students in Sichuan University a speech. During the 4 hours speech, Dr Haymond has shared professional experience and gave advice to students on the career plan.

    LION encourages professors to organize dinner parties and invite all the students on their class to join the party. Many students got the recommendation letter from professors because of their outstanding performance in class and daily commucations.

    The picture shows the trip to the Giant Panda Breeding Base. The professors even got the chance to hold baby pandas. "I'll never forget this wonderful experience!" Dr. Daniel Bumblauskas said

    The picture shows the trip to Terra-cotta Warriors. Students will always have the opportunity to go on trips on weekends with professors to know each other better and hopefully will bring you more advantage.

    The Ice-Breaking Party was hosted in Minshan Hotel, a five-star hotel in Chengdu to welcome all the LION students and professors. An enjoyable banquet was unavoidable!

    In order to strengthen the relationship and communication between professors and students, LION organized many interesting activities on weekends, including the famous Jinli Ancient Street in Chengdu. During the trip, professors and students experienced the original way of life Sichuan people live and tasted many delicious Sichuan snacks.

    Dr. Daniel Herron toasted to everyone in the Ice-Breaking Party in Xi’an Jiaotong University Campus

    On Xi'an campus, professors and students went to visit the Ming Dynasty Ancient Wall to experience the long history of capital Xi'an and China

    On weekends, professors and students had time to relax and went to Leshan Giant Buddha for a visit

    Sichuan University has gong through with the top academic conversation with the professors from LION International Summer School to enhance the network between Chinese academic filed and American International sides. Through the conversation, the educational quality of LION International Summer School has been discuessed and enhanced. This conversation is held by vice president of Sichuan University International Faculty Mr. Deng, ILTC president Mr. Chen and Liu together with American

    The academic meeting held in Sichuan University campus.

    The picture shows the academic meeting in Sichuan University campus. Professors were listening to the instruction of the academic standard requirements.

    Dr. Suzanne Wright and Dr. Todd Fitch were discussing teaching methods in academic meeting.

    The picture shows the academic meeting in Xi'an Jiaotong University campus. The professors were listening to the academic standard requirements.

    The picture shows the academic meeting in Sichuan University campus. The Dean of Intensive Language Training Center, Chen Bing, was talking about the academic standard of the courses.

    The picture shows the academic meeting between Xi'an Jiaotong University faculties and American professors before the summer program started. The evaluation standard was carefully discussed, the content of courses were double checked in order to make LION the most well-known leader summer school in China and in America.

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SCU is the number one university in Sichuan Province. It was a part of the Chinese Government’s top university initiative starting in 1985.

  XJTU is directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also a part of the Ministry’s expansion of engineering schools initiative.